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Salem, Oregon 2019

We started this business to educate the public about the amazing healing powers of Hemp. It is our goal to help the people in our community feel better through the use of Natural CBD Supplements. Hemp contains large amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as many other beneficial Cannabinoids. There are a lot of CBD products available out there, some of which are not what they claim. We carefully select only the highest quality products, so our customers can rest-assured that they are getting the best treatment possible. CBD Massage Therapy can be much more effective than average massage therapy. Our CBD Massage Oils can penetrate deep into muscles and joints, providing new levels of relief. We want all of our customersto have the chance to experience a better quality of life. CBD treatment can be used to replace expensive medications, and CBD has no known negative side-effects! The owners of Mind & Body Wellness grow Hemp all over the beautiful State of Oregon, and we provide resources to other hemp farmers throughout the Nation. We provide free education, and we love passing along Hemp & CBD information, so please stop by and visit us today.

Farm to massage table.

CBD massage therapy is much more effective than regular bodywork, and we would like our customers to experience new levels of pain relief. Our friendly, skilled massage therapists are looking forward to meeting you. Schedule your appointment today!

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